Monday, July 28, 2008

Al Lopez Enjoys All-Star Game, 7/10/34

Taken on the field prior to baseball's 1934 All-Star Game, this historic photograph captures a moment between Brooklyn Dodger and Tampa native Al Lopez (right), Brooklyn pitcher Van Mungo (left) and Babe Ruth. At the time, the All-Star Game was a bit of a novelty in only its second year of existence. This game, played at New York's Polo Grounds, marked the first of Lopez's two All-Star appearances, as well the second and final All-Star appearance of Ruth's fabled career. Other than games held during Spring Training, this was one of the few occasions Lopez and Ruth ever shared the same field. Between Lopez's professional debut in 1928 and Ruth's retirement in 1935, the Dodgers and Yankees never faced off in a World Series.

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